Preconstruction Stage

Program Validation:

  • perform a needs assessment and see to its integration with respect to design
  • review program of requirements (POR) and ascertain LEED goals

Schematic Design:

  • assist in cost evaluation of alternative materials and systems
  • initial constructability and value engineering (SAVE certified) reviews
  • generate preliminary budgets based on parametric values (using areas/volumes)
  • implement a preliminary construction schedule
  • supplement preliminary logistic phasing and sequencing plan, as well as, potential subcontracting plan

Design Development:

  • establish a commissioning program, as applicable
  • develop estimates of the project construction and soft costs in increasing detail, as well as a more detailed schedule · participate in the progressive review of plan evolution
  • identify long-lead, special procurement items
  • establish quality control/quality assurance program
  • review the provisional design development documents and generate life cycle cost

Construction Documents:

  • update and reissue the project schedule and budget
  • participate actively in the review of the plans through 100% completion
  • perform a third-party quality review of the CD submittal
  • prepare scope of work for each technical specification section as well as assisting in the implementation of the general conditions
  • initiate the bid campaign by public advertising, pre-bid conference and answering of RFI’s, in addition to verifying parameters for competitive bidding, as applicable
  • support scope review and bid tabulation efforts

Construction Stage

Contract Award Issuance:

  • administer kick-off meeting and pre-installation conference(s) with team
  • review project baseline schedule with respect to master schedule
  • implement material/equipment/submittal/RFI tracking
  • establish scheduled values regarding progress payments


  • provide project management, site supervision, scheduling, and QA/QC
  • chair progress and pre-installation conferences
  • lead project cost control
  • generate periodic reports consolidating progress, scheduling, and cost utilization
  • implement digital communique bulletin to stakeholders explaining activities, durations, and potential impacts to normal operations and accessibility
  • identify and coordinate critical project activities during utility shutdowns
  • receive and record documentation pertinent to EPA and USGBC

Project Closeout

  • prepare a start-up plan, schedule and coordinate start-up activities for HVAC, mechanical/electrical rooms
  • schedule pre-occupancy inspections and coordinate FF&E
  • assist in preparation and manage the implementation of the final punchlist
  • implement commissioning for major systems and equipment
  • assist with facilities occupancy/move management
  • obtain guarantees, warranties, lien waivers, and Owner’s O&M manuals
  • post-mortem project analysis
  • video record training exercises
  • administer corrective period (11th month) walk-through

Relevant Northern Ohio Construction Market Project Experience:

  • Ohio Turnpike Service Plaza Renovations – Construction Manager as Agent (CMa)
  • Cleveland State University Student Center – CMa and Builder (Superstructure/Fnds.)
  • CLE Terminal Lobby Renovations, Facade Rehabilitation, and Security Enhancements – Value Engineering, Constructability and Compliance
  • Cleveland State University CIMP – CxA and Constructability Subconsultant
  • Coventry New High School – Constructability and Cost Reconciliation
  • Ohio Department of Transportation – Statewide Value Engineering Consultant
  • Lakewood Grant, Lincoln, and Roosevelt Elementary Schools – Cost Subconsultant
  • Crocker Park Phase III Infrastructure and Three Garages – Owner’s Representative
  • Cleveland State University New Engineering Building – Cost, Scheduling, and OR
  • Akron Public Schools Case (PK-5) and Ellet (9-12) CLC – Constructability and Cost
  • Lakeview Local Schools PK-8 – Scheduling, Constructability, and Cost Estimating